How I Make Ramen

Well, I’ve finally set aside the time to let you all in on all of my Ramen secrets. This is, in my opinion, the beat way to prepare Ramen Noodles. I’ve tried many ways and am open to more but this is my go-to ramen prep recipe.

Step One. Pick up two packages of Ramen Noodles. Yes, I said two. If you’re not doing double ramen, you’re not doing ramen. If you think you can only eat one pack, challenge yourself and make two. If you can’t eat it all then you’ve only wasted four cents.

I’m a chicken guy. Regular. Chicken. I can be talked into Shrimp, but my wife thinks that’s gross and won’t buy it for me. So, chicken it is. No one should buy beef, that’s weird.

Step Two. Before opening, smash the Ramen on the countertop. Make sure you break it up into mini pieces. I use my fist, you may use whatever you like. Just be care not to use anything that will break the bag open. In the disappointing case that you do break the bag open and lose all your Ramen, no big deal it’s only four cents. Go get your backup Ramen and continue on.

Step Three. You must have backup Ramen. I keep some in my bottom desk drawer at the office and some in the bottom of the cabinet at home.

Step Four. Find a pot and put water in it. Just enough water. I have no idea how much that is, just guess. If you need to add more, then do it. I prefer a copper bottom pot because I turn the burner on high and it won’t burn the bottom.

Step Five. Open the Ramen and remove the flavor packets. Pour the smashed up ramen into the water.

Step Six. Wait for it to boil. You can stir if you want, but you don’t have to. I mean it’s just ramen.

Step Seven. Drain the water. Yes, that’s what I said. Get it out of there. As far as I’m concerned Ramen is not a soup. When pouring it down the drain you should run some water so the starch don’t mess with your pipes.

Step Eight. Pour in another bowl. Then pour in the flavor packets. I prefer to pour them both in on opposite sides and then stir. Also, I put water in the original pot in case some of the noodles are still in there. This prevents them from getting hard and becoming harder to wash the pot.

Step Nine. This is where you can go crazy. Add whatever you wish. I don’t typically add anything, though I do sometimes add butter which came at the recommendation of Seth Collins.

Step Ten. Enjoy!

Is that how you make the Ramen? What do you add to your Ramen? Which is your favorite flavor?



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2 responses to “How I Make Ramen

  1. Matt Correa

    I’m glad someone else takes the water out before putting in the flavor packets #bestway #onlyway

    • Corey

      It’s less messy if you put the flavor packets in the bowl before the noodles! Also, I can’t believe it is possible to write so many paragraphs about this. I guess it’s a cheap enough addiction, however.

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