Why I love Mark Driscoll

Well, since there aren’t many posts like this out there, I thought I would put a little different opinion out there.

I love Mark Driscoll and I’ll tell you why.

Here are my top five reasons why I love Mark Driscoll.

1. I love Resurgence Literature. A lot. Death by Love is the most pastoral look at the atonement that I have ever read. I often feel that way about the books I read that he writes. I love the Vintage series and often look forward to the new books that he either writes or co-writes.

2. Mark unashamedly tries to reach men. He speaks to men, uses manly language, and challenges men. But, I would bet that many women wish that men would “man up,” which is just what Mark is trying to encourage them to do. I try and learn from him whenever I can when it comes to reaching men.

3. He advances the gospel. People are being saved, having their lives transformed and are growing in real responsibility at Mars Hill. Why would this be a bad thing?

4. He tells it like it is. I appreciate a guy that speaks what he believes, and Mark does just that. He isn’t worried about what people are going to think about him. If he believes something, he says it. I can appreciate that.

5. He is a team player. Mark works with other organizations. He helps other leaders by giving stuff away for free. He works for the gospel around the world.

These are but five of the reasons I love Mark Driscoll.

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