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Book Review: Explicit Gospel

I’ve been in a bit of a Matt Chandler kick recently. I’ve been listening to his podcasts, watching Catalyst talks and reading The Explicit Gospel, which my boy Seth Collins let me borrow.

You need to get to know Matt Chandler. You need to read The Explicit Gospel. Those are just facts.

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It Can Wait

I did it. For my family. For everyone around me. And for the example I am.

You should do it to.

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Budgeting and Money


When it comes to wisdom and setting yourself up for success, there aren’t many topics more applicable than the topic of money and more specifically budgeting. I’ve seen too many heartaches and strife that could have been avoided if the topic of money was handled with a little more foresight and some planning. I believe that everyone can live financially free and within their means if they just set a plan and stick to it!
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