Budgeting and Money


When it comes to wisdom and setting yourself up for success, there aren’t many topics more applicable than the topic of money and more specifically budgeting. I’ve seen too many heartaches and strife that could have been avoided if the topic of money was handled with a little more foresight and some planning. I believe that everyone can live financially free and within their means if they just set a plan and stick to it!

If you don’t currently have a budget, let me encourage you to make one and stick to it. Budgets often get a bad rap, but I’m going to list off some reasons why they’re great.

1. Budgets bring freedom. A lot of people think budgets are constricting but I have never felt that way. They bring freedom because I can operate in my categories and go from there. I don’t have to be scared or worried about the future because I have planned and budgeted accordingly.

2. Budgets are good stewardship. Have you ever sat down with a friend or your journal and the problem you were having suddenly made more sense when you got it out loud or in writing. Budgets are the same way. The only way to know where everything is going is to write it down and see. You may be shocked by some of the places your money is going. I also think that we are to be good stewards of the money God has entrusted to us, and writing it down helps me ensure I’m doing this.

3. Budgets are better than filing for bankruptcy. Yes, budgets are hard. Yes, this statement is a bit melodramatic. However, more people go broke than you might think and sticking to a budget is better than being a slave to your lender, or MasterCard.

4. Budgeting relieves tension in a relationship. Well, if you stick to the budget it does. No one is worried why the other person spent this or that. It was in the budget and that makes it ok. You don’t have to worry about if things are going as they should, you know because you sat down and made a plan.

Below I’ve got a couple of links off the Chi Alpha website that can help with making a budget. I hope that you’ll take the time to look them over and make your own budget and take steps towards your financial freedom!

How to Make and Live on a Budget


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