Book Review: Explicit Gospel

I’ve been in a bit of a Matt Chandler kick recently. I’ve been listening to his podcasts, watching Catalyst talks and reading The Explicit Gospel, which my boy Seth Collins let me borrow.

You need to get to know Matt Chandler. You need to read The Explicit Gospel. Those are just facts.

In The Explicit Gospel, Matt lays out what the true gospel is and how the Bible is unfolding the gospel story all throughout Scripture. This is a powerful truth and a powerful realization that the church needs to know, and needs to know now.

Matt mentions, and I agree, that there are many people that attend churches, that are Christians, who don’t know the explicit gospel. They don’t know the whole story and it affects their walk with God and how they view every issue under the sun.

How can Christians read the Old Testament without understanding the explicit gospel? How can Christians deal with pain or tolerance or suffering without understanding the explicit gospel.

They can’t. And they shouldn’t.

So, get ahold of a copy of the Explicit Gospel and see how the story of Creation. Fall. Reconciliation. Consummation. plays out. It will be worth it.

And it’s necessary.


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