The day has finally come! We are loading the van up an getting ready to head to Atlantic Coast SICM this morning. The teaching staff heads down today while 120 students from up and down the entire East Coast come in tomorrow for a week long training in how to be anchored.

What does that mean do you ask?

Atlantic Coast SICM is designed to train Chi Alpha students to be anchored for the rest of their life. They are taught to have a real devotional life, lived out in real community, with real responsibility.

We teach about Spiritual Friendships, how to live the Jesus Style, leading a Bible Study, Mentoring, a big picture theology of the whole Bible, Evangelism, amongst other topics!

It’s an amazing week, and it’s all in Nags Head in beach front mansions (ok mansions may be a bit overstated, but not by much).

I’m always shocked, and encouraged, by the number if students who look back on their week at SICM as the turning point of their college careers and lives! It is such a testament to what God is doing when students give up their beach week to better know and love Him.

Would you join us in prayer this week?

Here are some prayer points for the week.

1. For God’s presence to be there. We know that God can do more in a moment than we can do all week. Pray the Holy Spirit would be an active participant in our week!

2. Pray for safety. There are a lot of cars driving down and around Nags Head. Pray they would be safe. There are also riptides, though it may be too cold for students to go swimming.

3. Pray for community. I hope and pray that the students would connect with the students from their University on a deeper level. And that they would connect with the other students there also. That each student would get a better picture of the big picture of what God is doing!

4. Pray for the teachers. Pray that we would be anointed, coherent, clear, and engaging. I will be teaching Mentoring later in the week, if you wanted a session to pray for specifically.


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