Presence- Potomac District Council Thoughts

It’s been a week since Potomac District Council. I’ve been back to Charlottesville for some meetings and am currently down in Nags Head for acsicm13. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind couple of days, but there are still some things that are ringing in my head from District Council.

It was a fantastic time of fellowship and service. Honestly, I have always enjoyed District Council for this reason. A great chance to connect with old friends and to try and make some new ones. I enjoyed the business sessions and it’s always fun to get meals out (even though the Thai was a disaster).

The best parts were the messages though. It was an in house District Council, so all of the speakers were either district officers or presbyters. It was a great time of refreshing and challenging words all themed around the word “presence.”

My two takeaways.

1. Ken Burtram spoke on presence expected. As the people of God, the Spirit is what sets us apart. We should have the feeling of we don’t want to go if God doesn’t go with us. Also, the Spirit is what matters. It’s the message, not the messenger in preaching that matters. It was a great foundation for the bomb that he dropped on me next,

This is not performance, it’s proclamation.

Proclamation has been a bit of a theme in my life lately. I’ve been thinking about it and talking about it with a lot of friends, ranging from Charlottesville to Cairo to Amman. If it is that central to my life, if it would really mean that much to people, then why not proclaim Christ more. It doesn’t have to be awkward, just real. I don’t want to get to the end of my time anywhere and wish that I would have proclaimed more. I hope to change many of my habits on this this coming summer. More on that later.

2. Mark Lehmann brought it down in the missions service.

We have to put aside our numbness to the lost.


I sense a theme/season coming in my life….



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2 responses to “Presence- Potomac District Council Thoughts

  1. Mike

    i wish I knew what you just said…

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