AC SICM 13 Recap

Sometimes, God gives you a gift.

That’s how I feel about AC SICM 13. Honestly, it’s the best SICM I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a good many of them. It’s the best I’ve felt personally about a SICM. Maybe it’s where I’m at spiritually right now, maybe it was a combination of things, who knows?


Maybe it was because it was the first time I got to teach at a SICM on Mentoring for Men.


Maybe it was because of the fantastic staff that loved students so well all throughout the week. Or the fact that we got to hang out and idea share and share wins and struggles with people who really understand what we do. Or maybe it’s because the staff that runs SICM is some of the most talented and humble people I’ve ever interacted with. A true top notch group. They were a gift.

Maybe it was because I got to live in a house with the students for the first time. I got the ch acne to interact with the all throughout the day (and night). They got the chance to spend a week with my family and love on my kids in ways that only college students can. We each got to catch something from each other. And the house I lived in was a pretty incredible house. Consistently, in the mornings they were up having a real devotional life. They lived out real community with people they had just met that week and they were all so full of the joy of The Lord. I was more than impressed more often than I can even remember. They were a gift.


Maybe it was because I got the privilege and joy to baptize four students in the Atlantic Ocean. Yeah, it was freezing cold, but it was an incredibly powerful moment in the lives of the students, the community, and my own self. The baptism moment is a powerful moment of putting the stake in ground and saying I belong to Jesus and nothing will ever change that. I’m I this for the long haul. I’m glad that this has become an AC SICM tradition and honored to have been a part of it this year.


Maybe it was because the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. Beautiful on the free day and it didn’t rain until the day we were leaving.


Maybe it was because I got to know the future of Chi Alpha and the future looks bright. It is exciting to know that God is at work so obviously in the life of our fellowship!



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