Book Review: Catalyst Leader

I got the chance to finish up Brad Lomenick’s Catalyst Leader while I was at AC SICM 13 this past week. I’m a big follower of the Catalyst movement, so I was thrilled to get the chance to read this book.

Brad lays out the 8 essentials that every single leader needs to be a Catalyst Leader. Honestly, there was nothing revolutionary in Brad’s book.

And that’s the beauty of it.

Brad didn’t try and reinvent the wheel. He just laid out the 8 Principles, told some great stories, was vulnerable, and shared himself with his readers. It was a very pleasurable read.

I found myself challenged, encouraged, confused, and excited while reading it. There are things that are applicable to any type of leader anywhere. I’ve been trying to decide if the things that stood out to me are because of the season of life I’m in or because they were the principles of all principles.

I especially appreciated the chapter on being a capable leader. That leaders need to adopt the make it happen mentality. No matter the task, no matter who will see it, it needs to happen. It has to happen. Seth Godin puts it this way, “it has to ship.” As leaders, we need to make sure that what we promised happens and what we are assigned to is no small task, it’s a stewardship issue.

I also enjoyed the chapter on being principled. That character is the starting point for any type of leadership. You have to have something that people can follow. We must be principled, people of great integrity, people of character.

Honestly, I would recommend this book to anyone who follows the Catalyst movement. You get a better picture of Brad and everything that Catalyst is doing. And in doing so, you get a better picture of what it means to be a leader!


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