Book Review: Insourcing

What a phenomenal read. What a phenomenal read. I couldn’t put the book down and loved just about every single minute of it.

I read a lot of books. I read parts of a lot more books. There aren’t many books that I feel this way about. But, Insourcing by Randy Pope is definitely one of them.

It’s a book about Life on Life Missional Discipleship (LOLMD) and it’s a fantastic look at it. Randy starts out with a look at a couple of the different models that are available for churches today and suggests, I think correctly, that the way to go is LOLMD. At one point, Randy goes as far as to say he would give up preaching if he had to choose between LOLMD and preaching. I think he’s making the right call for the Kingdom of God when it comes to that decision.

I will say that I’m a strong proponent of this book because it’s a bit of what we do in Chi Alpha at UVA. They’re not exact parallels but they’re awfully close. I found myself more eager to continue the Kingdom work at UVA after reading the book and even found myself a bit emotional as he talked about the wins they have seen at Perimeter. I was emotional because we have seen some of the same things happen at UVA, lives, families, kids, generations impacted because of LOLMD. I think every team should read this book and either get the fire rekindled for discipleship or start the fire that could impact the world.

I also appreciate that Randy and the team lay out their framework in the back of the book and allow us to have a peek into how the practics play out. Some of the topics and the covenant will be very helpful for me as we continue our own form of LOLMD at XA at UVA.


It should be noted I got this book for free to review from Booksneeze.




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