August Already?

Wow. I woke up this morning and it was August. Yeah, August. The month that summer ends. The month the interns come. The month the STUDENTS COME! Yeah, that’s August.



I thought I would throw up a post to help you all pray for Fall Start Up, or Fall Blitz as we call it at Chi Alpha at UVA. The list below will be somewhat UVA specific but can branch out to any of the campuses near you or ones that you may know students or staff! Enjoy.

1. Pray for Divine Appointments. There is nothing better than a Divine Appointment. When a student or a staff meet someone who is at a crossroads in their faith journey or when you meet someone who shares all of the same interests as you and they join your Core Group. Pray that our students would “be out there” and able to meet not just the 3500 incoming first years, but all students whom God would place in our path.

2. Pray for favor with administration. The college campus continues to have more and more regulations, restrictions, and red tape. Pray that we wouldn’t find ourselves in trouble, would be able to follow all the rules and still meet students. Pray for favor with meeting rooms and spaces for leadership meetings and all that jazz.

3. Pray for Social Events. Pray that they would be fun and welcoming, and attended! Pray for great weather during these times so that the social events can go on unhindered. We have our Something In A Mug Party on August 24th and the Block Party on August 30th.

4. Pray for energy and enthusiasm. The Fall can be a draining time and a real marathon/sprint/whatever sports metaphor you’d like to use. Pray that we would stay encouraged and excited and ready for what Jesus wants to do. Pray especially for the new interns, who are going through their first fall on the staff side of things and could use a little extra grace.

5. Pray for Monday Night Live. Our first Monday Night Live is September 2. Pray that God would be there, that His Spirit would be tangible and that students would encounter the Risen Christ. Pray that truth would be proclaimed and that fellowship would occur and that our meeting would be an authentic witness to the community at large!

6. Pray for the Kingdom to come. Yes, Lord Jesus.

Imagine what would happen if we could impact generation after generation of college students to bring the Kingdom wherever they would go? To the ends of the earth!

Would you join with us in prayer for this crucial time?


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