A Joyful Exchange

This determined face has a better grip than you do.

And that grip almost threw hot coffee all over me this morning.

I was sitting on the couch this morning and Levi leaned over and grabbed the handle of my coffee cup. We had a bit if a back and forth battle all while trying not to dump the coffee on me. I enjoyed the battle since I won and laughed out loud at the end.

Little did I know that this would encourage Levi to continue to try and grab my three quarters of the way full cup of coffee. It was a nice little game. He kept doing it because I kept laughing.

It’s the little things sometimes.

I wonder if that’s how our relationship with God could work. We see what delights Him and keep doing those things because we love Him and He’s our Good Father. Sure, the big things.

But why not the little things too?

Is there anything that comes to your mine that you think gives God a good belly laugh of joy that you can do with Him?


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  1. Corey

    Reaching out to others to bring them to Him!

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