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Reason #36452 Guys Are Different Than Girls

The pre catch up catch up.

I witnessed this happen today at the lunch table in the office.

Jenni gets a call from Carleigh and their conversation starts. It because clear to the rest of us that they finalized a time to get together that evening after work. They’re excited to see each other and catch up.

Now, if Jenni and Carleigh were guys, the conversation would have ended there. However, they’re not.

So, the conversation continued. They did a pre catch up catch up so they could best use their catch up time THAT AFTERNOON!

I’ve witnessed this before and have felt my wife try and get me to participate in such a weird ritual on my way home at times. I fight it with the constant mmhmm which I think my wife translates to “he wants to get off the phone.” She’s more than likely right because we will see each other soon and I only have so many words to say anyway…

What say you? Have you seen this phenomenon?


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Potomac Ministers Retreat 2013: Immersed

I had the privilege of making it to the Potomac Ministry Networks Ministers Retreat this past week. It was at the Eastern Shore in Cambridge, Maryland. It was a beautiful place with great fellowship and teaching. I’ll share some of my takeaways below. Maybe they’ll help remind you of something spoken there or will allow you to glean the things I gleaned if you weren’t there.

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Live Dead: The Journey

Live Dead: The Journey was launched today!

Live Dead: The Journey was launched today!

Go out and get this book!

The Live Dead Journal has been a life changer for me. Phenomenal book that I will read devotionally over and over and over again. I’ve been excited for the Journey come out because it focuses on the Arab world, which is where I feel my heart focusing right now. I can’t recommend this devotional enough for anyone. It’s really well done and will transform your life.

And here’s the kicker, as I write this, it’s only 99 cents on Kindle. Get at it and let me know what you think of it!

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