Potomac Ministers Retreat 2013: Immersed

I had the privilege of making it to the Potomac Ministry Networks Ministers Retreat this past week. It was at the Eastern Shore in Cambridge, Maryland. It was a beautiful place with great fellowship and teaching. I’ll share some of my takeaways below. Maybe they’ll help remind you of something spoken there or will allow you to glean the things I gleaned if you weren’t there.

So, here they are in no particular order.

1. Practice is free. If you don’t have any money, you can still practice. You can practice transitions, you can practice worship, you can practice worship slides, you can practice your message. And it’s all free.

2. If we are going to give something away, it’s going to cost us something. I really loved this idea. When you do something for the community, instead if getting it donated and taking the credit, having it cost someone something seems pretty legit and something everyone can do.

3. Bigger isn’t always better. You can be a small church and make a big impact. You don’t have to keep doing building projects to make a big difference. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

4. PRod is one of my favorite people. Nuf said. I’m proud to say he’s one of the leaders of our movement.

5. When you get the chance you have to go and listen to PRods message on Tuesday night. It was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.

6. We can get more done when we work together. When we share wins. When we share ideas and try and work together, more gets done.

7. I thought PRods continuum of a persons journey was really helpful. It made me evaluate who I was spending most of my time with better than the Engels scale.



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2 responses to “Potomac Ministers Retreat 2013: Immersed

  1. Genevra Vanhoozer

    pretty sure I can hear you guys laughing in the background at his jokes…

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