Book Review: Bruchko

I had the distinct privilege of reading Bruchko by Bruce Olson and all I can say is


As far as I’m concerned, this is a must read. An absolute must read.

It was a fast paced biography of a 19 year old boy who bought a one way ticket to Colombia with no missions agency, no plan, no money. It was just him, God, and the Motilone Indian tribe.

A tribe that tried to kill him multiple times. They shot him with arrows, through his leg the first time he met them. It took him years to learn that their language was tonal. JUST TO LEARN IT WAS TONAL!

But he persevered. And God sustained him.

And God saved the Motilone Indian tribe.

It was powerful. I couldn’t but the thing down. I learned a lot about how to trust God and what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I learned more about contextualization of the gospel and how the gospel is transcultural and what it looks like to share the gospel in another context. It made me think.

It made me cry.

And it encouraged me to love Jesus more.

Go out and get it. Now.


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