Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Do you have times or moments in your life where you have all kinds of ideas floating around in your head?

Ideas for the house? Ideas for work? Ideas for blogposts? Ideas for fun things to do with the kids? Ideas for what to read? What to buy? The ideas are endless.

But how do you keep track of them all?


Oh. You thought aft the jump I would have an answer. Nope sorry. I was looking for answers.

The closest I’ve gotten is Evernote, which I love and use all the time. But I still feel like I missing something with it. Maybe I need to pay for premium, or maybe there is something else out there.

So, how do you keep track of it all? How can you help me out?



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6 responses to “Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

  1. Brett

    I think it’s free time, our minds just fill it with as many ideas as possible. Happens to me when I drive somewhere for more than 30 minutes by myself.

  2. Free notepads from boring legal conferences + ink

  3. I have a section designated in the back of my journal (I just dog ear a page) for ideas because a lot of them come while I’m spending time with Jesus and I usually keep my journal in my book bag as well.

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