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Being a They

This past Monday we had the distinct privilege of having Pastor Brett Fuller come and share with Chi Alpha at UVA. As always, Pastor Brett had many great things to say, but one continues to stand out to me.


“You just don’t know the benefit that will come from being a they.”
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#XAWR14 halfwaythere

We are officially halfway through the XAWR14! We’ve had two main sessions, a breakout session, lunch and some of the free time. Students are milling about the lobby playing corn hole, swimming in the pool, or out checking out the DC/NOVA scene for some dinner. Tonight they’ll come back for Session III and we’ll close the retreat tomorrow morning with a session and probably a huge picture.

I say probably because I don’t know that we’ll fit.

Thisthingishuge. Students and staff have come from up and down the Eastern seaboard, from North Carolina to New Jersey. It’s amazing to see what God is doing in Chi Alpha everywhere in just a snapshot of a weekend.

Oh, and Jim Bradford is amazing.

I already knew that, but I didn’t know that. Dude is killing it, preaching on Ecclesiastes. I know, for a fact, that I  have a better handle on the book of Ecclesiastes right now than I ever have in my entire life. His knowledge of the text and the fact that he has studied the text continues to shine through.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s because he has his PhD in Rocket Science. It’s probably all over everyone’s head.

You would be dead wrong. 

Jim is crushing it. Speaking to our hearts and giving us applicable messages for college students and the future leaders of the world that these students will be. I would highly recommend searching for the hashtag #XAWR14 and seeing some of the bombs dropped.

Jim showed us that the Teacher sought after fulfillment in studies, parties, and wealth. And none of them satisfied! All the things under the sun cannot satisfied. They are created things. Only the Creator can satisfy. #powerful.

This morning Jim taught on work. He told us to fire our boss and work for the Lord. To defy mediocrity and strive for excellence. And to work with Jesus, believing that He cares about His Creation and wants to see it cultivated. We can partner with God in this and sometimes, He will give us insights into things we could not have figured out ourselves.

I was pretty encouraged by the stories Jim told of George Washington Carver and some scientist who God revealed some intense formula to. It was cool to see some practical stories of how that had happened.

If you’re not at XAWR14, then quite frankly, you’re missing out. It’s been a great weekend thus far and it will continue!

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