Being a They

This past Monday we had the distinct privilege of having Pastor Brett Fuller come and share with Chi Alpha at UVA. As always, Pastor Brett had many great things to say, but one continues to stand out to me.


“You just don’t know the benefit that will come from being a they.”

Brett was speaking/preaching/whispering/yellin out of the second half of John 1. John the Baptist (or JTB) had some his disciples leave him and follow after Jesus. They did it as a they.

There’s a certain power to doing things as a they. To doing them together. Thick and thin. Ups and downs. Years and years and years of they. I hope that Katie and I are building friendships that are going to last for 30 years and that our kids just might marry each other so we can become in laws together!

Christianity wasn’t meant to be a solo ride. It’s a journey in community. #realcommunity

So, who’s your they? Who is going with you to follow Jesus, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime?!

You can check out the audio from Monday Night live here.


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