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Northeast Support Raising Training

Hello friends! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Northeast Support Raising Training Seminar hosted here in Charlottesville. We have over 20 students, alum, and staff workers from our Northeast and Atlantic Seaboard Chi Alphas coming into town to learn how to raise up a team of supporters to go to the field that God has called them. 

I’m sitting here, looking over my notes, and can’t help but be excited for what’s happening in our movement and specifically at UVA. My life was changed through Chi Alpha at UVA and now I get the chance to equip others to take the gospel to places that desperately need the gospel. It’s such a joy to have these times of reflection of what God has done in me and what God is currently doing through our ministry here at UVA. I’m blown away by His faithfulness all these years. Katie and I have lived the life of faith for seven years now and God has always provided. 

Would you take a moment and pray for all of the students, alum, and staff workers that are coming to the training this weekend? It can be a scary place to begin the fundraising process. Some of them don’t have any church contacts, some came to faith in Chi Alpha, some have parents who don’t support fundraising, and some have just run out of contacts. Would you pray that they would be encouraged? That God would speak to them. And that they would come to 110% of their budget raised by the first week of August.

Thanks so much for your prayers. I believe they make a difference!


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