This weekend I had the privilege of officiating the Collins-Ternes wedding, it was my second wedding in six days starting with the Rosser-Orr celebration! A couple of thoughts.



1. I love weddings because Jesus loved weddings. He performed his first miracle at a wedding and has blessed marriage since the very beginning of Creation.

2. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony is the rings. I always ask to hold the rings before I give them to the couple because it’s a cool moment for me. My wedding ring has meant a lot to me over the last (almost) five years and I get excited knowing it will do the same for the young couple standing in front of me.

3. I’m pretty convinced that Chi Alpha weddings are the most fun.

4. I love the trend of more and more pre-marital (or pre-engagement) counseling. We have to stem the tide of couples not knowing what they are getting into at the altar. The more they know and prepare before the altar, the better.

5. A wedding weekend is sufficiently exhausting.

What about you? What do you have to say about weddings? What’s your favorite part?



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2 responses to “Weddings

  1. Chris Johnson aka Big Tex

    Ditto, ditto, ditto on #4. I don’t think we truly appreciated the value of our pre-engagement counseling until we were married and watching other newlyweds suffer through their first few years of marriage. It wasn’t that we were better or had fewer issues; but we had people who helped us think about, pray about, and walk through them ahead of time, so we weren’t surprised in marriage. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Alicia Cundiff

    Chi Alpha weddings ARE the best weddings hands down đŸ™‚

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