My devotional routine

I thought I’d take a little time to share my devotional routine. In this post, I’ll share how I read and what I read. Maybe it will be of some help, maybe you’ll offer some help to me.

1. The first step is to prep the coffee the night before. Levi and I grind the beans, get the water ready, and set the automatic timer. This is helpful so there’s less steps in the morning. Also, the smell of coffee motivates me to get outta bed.

2. When I go to bed I remind myself how great it is to meet with Jesus in the morning. Ever since I got married and had kids it has gotten harder to get up in the mornings. This reminder helps me stay motivated.

3. Beat the kids up. Err, that doesn’t sound right. No, not physically. Wake up before the kids. That’s better. I heard Matt Chandler say that if he doesn’t wake up before his kids, he has lost the day. That’s how I feel. I have to wake up significantly before them so I can get some quality time in

4. I read 3 Old Testament chapters. 1 Psalm or Proverb and 2 New Testament chapters on a normal day. I feel like I get a good picture of the whole Bible and always give myself a chance to have something practical or something to think about during the day.

5. I’ve found more and more and more that telling someone else what I read is the most helpful way to remember and think about what I’ve read. I’m terrible at this, I tend to be more insular in my reading but when I share or tell I get the most out of it.



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2 responses to “My devotional routine

  1. hoogator

    Send me a text with what you read. Maybe it isn’t “telling” somebody, but I would appreciate the assist!
    To paraphrase Chandler, if I can’t get to the Bible before ESPN, the day is lost. That tends to be my problem. J. and I have been talking about not using our phones as Bibles, and I am feeling more and more the importance of this; if only to avoid the distraction.

  2. yeah, i’ve had to leave the phone as Bible in the morning routine. It’s best if I just leave the phone elsewhere.

    i will definitely be texting you!

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