I bought a new Bible!

Ever feel like you’ve gotten in a rut and can’t get out of it? Like there’s something you want to do or stop doing but you can’t or just haven’t? 

I wish I wrote more stuff down. 

I have gone in and out of my journaling life as a Christian. Some times I keep journals, sometimes I don’t. I used to write in my Bible and then I stopped. Not very consistent, huh?

I stopped writing my in my Bible because it got hard to preach out of it with all those notes in there. When I stopped doing that, I stopped writing things down all together. There was no reason for those two to go hand in hand, but they did. 

I started a moleskine (I know I’m so trendy!). But I’ve wanted to begin writing in my Bible again. Something about having it all there tangibly and the physical act of writing is helpful for me. So I broke down and ordered this.

Lay flat, journaling Bible. 

I feel like a big of a nerd considering I preordered it and how excited I got when it came. But, it’s all good. 

The start of a new year encouraged me to break out of this rut and start a new trajectory. 

I’m excited to see how this practice and discipline can help me continue to grow in a real devotional life this next year.

How do you intend on taking your real devotional life to the next level in 2016?


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