What Bible Translation Should I Read?

Ahh yes. The age old question of which Bible translation one should read. Much blood  ink has been spilled trying to decide this question. Maybe you’ve been wondering it yourself.

After all, there are a lot of different translations out there with a lot of different letters attached to them. Dynamic equivalents and word for word. Translated from the Greek and translated from the Latin. In the original Greek and Hebrew. Words of Christ in red or one without paragraph headings.

In can all be a little bit overwhelming.

So, let me give you the answer as to which one to get.

The answer is really quite simple.

Whichever one you will read and understand.

Yup it’s that simple. Whichever one you will consistently sit down and read and be able to understand.

I don’t think there’s a better choice you can make than to sit down and consistently read the Scriptures. I’d encourage you to grab a Bible and see what God would say to you!


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