A Prayer Lesson I Learned from Levi

We’ve been trying to teach our kids to pray. How to have conversation with God and listen to Him. Luckily, we’ve had a lot of help from their preschool, other friends and family, church life and what not. Our kids do seem to like praying and they are praying, I do believe that.

And well, Levi is on a bit of hot streak right now.

The other night he prayed for Katie’s headache to go away on his way to bed. It did. He got up the next morning so excited to ask Katie if it went away because God told Him it would. It did.

Then he prayed for my truck to stop acting up. It did. I think I should still replace the instrument cluster, but it’s working right now.

This got me thinking as to what I should do next…

And I realized there’s only one primary answer to that.

I should praise God for what He has done.

I don’t understand all of the economics of prayer. I don’t understand all the economics of the Kingdom of God. I know we are told to pray persistently and to never give up (see Luke 15 amongst others), but God is still the one doing the providing. Yes, He answered the prayers of my son. But I shouldn’t get caught up in the fact that Levi did the praying without first realizing that God did the answering!

Everything in me wanted to start naming things for Levi to pray for to see them happen. And I believe Levi has the faith to pray for them right now as he rides this hot streak! But, first I want to teach my son, that His Good Father in Heaven is the one who has done the answering.

Prayer isn’t like playing the slot machine. Where if you open your mouth at just the right time, turn your body the right way, and hop on one foot to the right tune (probably Oceans), then you’ll get what you want.

No, prayer is access to the will of God, and He is the God that wills for things to happen!

What have you seen God answer in your prayer life?



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2 responses to “A Prayer Lesson I Learned from Levi

  1. Hunter Johnson

    Coming home for break, I had a few specific friends on my mind that I wanted to reconnect with and encourage in their walk. God has been very gracious to bless us with fellowship at a level that I had yet to experience back home. Connor, a best friend of mine for 14 years now, has been growing much in faith and maturity since joining XA at Virginia Tech. I’ve been praying specific prayers for him, and God has been faithful to work in him in mighty and new ways. He’s started coming to my home church, and he’s becoming plugged in.
    One of the biggest changes he’s experienced is the power of prayer, and the Lord gave us an awesome opportunity to experience that together last week. We went to Bojangles, where we eat at least three times a week and always before any hike we set out on. As we were eating I noticed a middle-aged African-American man being interviewed for a job. I felt a nudging from the Spirit (something I’m trying to grow increasingly sensitive to) to pray for him. My friends were a little surprised by the request, but the three of us prayed for the man from our table.
    It was short, it was simple, but we felt it was powerful. About 5 days later, back at Bojangles yet again before another hike, we were filled with joy when the man we prayed for came to take our order. My friends and I rejoiced. How awesome it was to be led to pray for this man and to see God’s will be done so soon! We know that it wasn’t because of anything we did, but because of God’s goodness alone. Yet, He graciously drew our attention to this man and let us be a part of witnessing His provision. What a great way for my friends and I to witness the power of prayer together. God has continually shown Him self to me in many ways over this break, and I’m very humbled by his amazing love and grace.

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