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What You Long For, You Live For

I got a text from a student last night linking to a video sermon. Much to my surprise it was my homeboy, Ryan Levis. I found myself very encouraged from it and thought I would share.

You can check it out here

Ryan hits the nail on the head when it comes to the journey of desire. We must desire the Kingdom of God. We must desire the things of God. And as we long for them, we live for them.

I’ve found when the months grow cold, it gets harder for me to get up in the morning and have consistent devotional time. But, if I desire it, and build my night and day around it, it becomes more likely. I must go to bed at night, desiring to get up the next morning and spend intentional time with Jesus. 

In my relationships, they go better when I am longing for Jesus and His kingdom. I’m nicer, I’m kinder, I give more grace and forgiveness (Ryan makes some excellent points about forgiveness in the sermon, btw!). 

But it all starts with desire.

So, what are you desiring today?


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