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New Favorite Candy?

I have long documented my love of Sour Patch Kids. They have been my favorite candy since I first went to a movie theater. I have always loved sour things and gummy things. Thus, Sour Patch Kids have always had a special place in my heart stomach. My first year core group leader even loves these things. They were perfection in a bag. UNTIL NOW! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MAKER OF ALL THINGS GOOD? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

sour patch kids

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How I Make Ramen

Well, I’ve finally set aside the time to let you all in on all of my Ramen secrets. This is, in my opinion, the beat way to prepare Ramen Noodles. I’ve tried many ways and am open to more but this is my go-to ramen prep recipe.
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How To Make The Sick Go Away

Well, the Moran family has been passing a sickness around the house this past week.

Katie and Emma had it first and Levi and I got it second. I feel like I’m on the upswing right now and plan on being ready for work tomorrow.

How am I going to be ready for work tomorrow? Well, I think I have convinced my wife to bring me this home from her grocery trip this afternoon.

Yup, that’s right. It’s a bacon sundae. And it can’t get any better than that.


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Birth Story

So, we had a baby last night. Here’s a little bit of the story from my perspective.

6am Dr. Marotta calls and says induction pushed back to the afternoon. I go back to sleep shortly while I wait for Emma to get up.
730am Right on cue. Emma gets up.
12 Emma goes down for her nap. Dr. calls.
1pm Take the long drive to Martha Jefferson (all of one or two minutes of which I spent talking to R.J. Santucci.
145 Get cup of coffee.
2pm Start the induction process.
215 pm I eat a cherry Popsicle (they’re twin pops but who is counting)
3pm go for a walk. I eat an orange Popsicle and drink two Pepsis.
4pm go for a walk. I eat ice cream and some saltines.
5pm go for a walk. I, surprisingly, pass by the nutrition center.
6pm Dr check, hmmm, we wish we would have been a little further down the line than that. Stay positive. Have a snack from the nutrition center.
7-9 pm is just walking and bouncing on the ball. We missed NCIS. Katie doesn’t seem to care.
9pm Water breaks. #gotime
1037 have baby boy! 9lbs 5oz. 21 inches long.
1137 Nurse holds scissors, answers questions about circumcision, trims the anklet of the baby and asks if I want a trim on mine? I give her the shocked face because I think she’s talking about circumcising me. She just means my identifier bracelet. Crisis averted.
1145 have a snack. Nutri grain bar this time.
1am move rooms.
2am take Levi for his first bath. Play Scramble, Words with Friends, Dice and send work emails as he warms back up under the light.
3am Return to room. Levi eats.
7am wake up when Dr. comes back in.
What? Levi slept through the night? #winning




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Food Review: Bacon Explosion

Well, I had my first bacon explosion last week. If you’re unfamiliar with the bacon explosion, check it out here.

If you didn’t know, I’ve had the website bookmarked for a long time now and have hinted (sometimes subtly, sometimes not) to many different people that I wouldnt mind having a bacon explosion gifted to me. Finally, my mom got the hint and we made one in my parents new house.

We definitely didn’t use the top quality rubs and sauces that they suggest, but we are just amateurs anyways. Also, we probably didn’t cook it long enough for the bacon on the outside. It could have used a little more time but the anticipation was killing us. So, my dad, two brothers, and I demolished the bacon explosion rather quickly.

I was worried it would disappoint, especially since I had been looking forward to it for so long. However, I can say with full confidence that it did not disappoint. It was quite good. Full of bacon and sausage, how could you go wrong?

I do believe that next time I would potentially add some bread to the mixture and eat it more like a sammich. That. Would. Be. Epic.


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