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Five Things I Love About Being A Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day! Celebrate! So here’s five things I love about being a dad in the order I thought of them.
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Reason #36452 Guys Are Different Than Girls

The pre catch up catch up.

I witnessed this happen today at the lunch table in the office.

Jenni gets a call from Carleigh and their conversation starts. It because clear to the rest of us that they finalized a time to get together that evening after work. They’re excited to see each other and catch up.

Now, if Jenni and Carleigh were guys, the conversation would have ended there. However, they’re not.

So, the conversation continued. They did a pre catch up catch up so they could best use their catch up time THAT AFTERNOON!

I’ve witnessed this before and have felt my wife try and get me to participate in such a weird ritual on my way home at times. I fight it with the constant mmhmm which I think my wife translates to “he wants to get off the phone.” She’s more than likely right because we will see each other soon and I only have so many words to say anyway…

What say you? Have you seen this phenomenon?

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Child Prodigy?

Could this be the face of a child prodigy?

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Why I love Mark Driscoll

Well, since there aren’t many posts like this out there, I thought I would put a little different opinion out there.

I love Mark Driscoll and I’ll tell you why.

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Book Review: Real Marriage

I just finished reading Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll. I picked this book up with an Amazon gift card that Stefachap got for all of us in the Potomac District. I have had this book on my list since it came out, but was happy to stay away from it while all the controversy happened, as it seems to do every time Mark opens his mouth about something that could in any way be controversial.
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How To Make The Sick Go Away

Well, the Moran family has been passing a sickness around the house this past week.

Katie and Emma had it first and Levi and I got it second. I feel like I’m on the upswing right now and plan on being ready for work tomorrow.

How am I going to be ready for work tomorrow? Well, I think I have convinced my wife to bring me this home from her grocery trip this afternoon.

Yup, that’s right. It’s a bacon sundae. And it can’t get any better than that.


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300,000 Life Goal

After reading Mark Batterson’s Circle Maker last year, I took his advice and made a life goal list. I’ve just started it and hope to add to it as I realize things I want to do with my kids based on their interests.

I enjoyed making the list and have enjoyed charting my progress. I encourage you to make a list yourself and see what could come of it.

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Problem Solved: Sperry Stink

So, my boy @fairchildXA started a problem solving blog the other day. You can catch it here. This inspired me to solve one of the problems that I blogged about a while back and have actually had pretty consistent traffic on. This leads me to believe that everyone needs this problem solved.

How do we keep the Sperry Stink away??

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Book Review: Robert E. Lee

I’m back from vacation!

Thought I would get a short review up of my vacation book Robert E. Lee: Lessons in Leadership  which is part of the Great Generals series. I picked this book up at a used bookstore on the way back from INCITE and was pretty excited to read it. I consider myself to be a fan of history and Robert E. Lee has always been a character that has intrigued me. I read my first biography of him in middle school and studied the Civil War in college. Because of this, I wasn’t really expecting to learn a lot from the read, it would rather be an interesting and enjoyable read.

I was wrong.

Somewhere along the way my view of the Civil War has been morphing. I grew up with the idea that it was the “war of northern aggression” but came to the realization in college that slavery was the main issue. How can I admire a man that led Confederate forces that were, in essence, fighting for the right to enslave people? This has been a question I’ve been dealing with in my own mind for several years now.

Because of this realization and this struggle, I was able to approach the book with more of an open mind and a clean slate than my previous reads on Lee and the Civil War.

I found Lee to still be an admirable character. And there were some definite lessons in leadership that were learned throughout the book (though admittedly, they were few and farther between than the book’s title leads you to believe). Lee had already freed the slaves he inherited before the Emancipation Proclamation and saw his fight as one for Virginia, not one for the Confederate States of America. He bowed out of the fight gracefully and honorably and even applied for US citizenship right after the war. (It turns out his paperwork was misplaced and he wasn’t granted citizenship until 1975).

While it seems that my view on the Civil War has been morphing, my view of Lee as Virginia’s finest gentleman has not. I would encourage anyone interested in the Civil War or Lee to take a look at this book.

I plan on reading a Stonewall Jackson biography next, know of any good ones?

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Wanna see a transformation? Here is me over the last couple of days.

One: life has been a little crazy and I wanted to let the baby boy meet me with some facial hair.


Two: this was more for fun than anything.


Three: this one obviously my favorite. I got the chance to go to the Walmart with this one. Me, my mesh shorts, camo crocs and old softball tee shirt went to the Walmart. Upon seeing it, my brother said he wouldnt let me near my own kids let alone other people. Plus, where I come from, dads have mustaches…


Four: the final product.


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