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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Do you have times or moments in your life where you have all kinds of ideas floating around in your head?

Ideas for the house? Ideas for work? Ideas for blogposts? Ideas for fun things to do with the kids? Ideas for what to read? What to buy? The ideas are endless.

But how do you keep track of them all?


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My Summer Reading List

Things work better with a plan. Well, at least when it comes to a summer reading list. Every May when the students head into finals, I head to the internets to make my plan for summer reading. It helps me to make a plan from the outset so I have something to stick to. Below you’ll find my list, comment and let’s me know if you feel like something should change or something should be added!

Love Does by Bob Goff
– I’ve heard a couple of interviews with Bob and have been very impressed. I think this book will spur on to make a big deal of people more than I currently do.

The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton
– This one is required for INCITE, our Northeast Chi Alpha staff development conference. I’m really excited it about it and looking forward to the opportunity to interact with John at Valley Forge.

The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick
– This is the one I’m reading now. I enjoy the Catalyst movement, so I jumped at the chance to see a bit behind the scenes.

Creature of the Word by Matt Chandler
– In case you didn’t know, I have a bit of a man crush on Matt Chandler. This is his latest offering.

Engaging God’s World by Cornelius Plantinga
– This one I bought a couple of years ago and have never read. I think it will be a bit harder and a bit more academic, but I hope to be up to the challenge. I have no idea what the premise of the book is.

Systematic Theology by Millard Erickson
– I like to read a Systematic Theology a summer to keep the internship classes fresh in my mind and see if there is anything I would want other teachers to add to their class or see if we would make a change for our textbook in the CMIT program.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell
-This is our staff read for the summer. I haven’t read much of Maxwell, though I’ve read much of those who were directly influenced by Maxwell. Looking forward to it.

I would love to add a missionary biography, which one would you recommend?

Anything else you think I need to add?


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Budgeting and Money


When it comes to wisdom and setting yourself up for success, there aren’t many topics more applicable than the topic of money and more specifically budgeting. I’ve seen too many heartaches and strife that could have been avoided if the topic of money was handled with a little more foresight and some planning. I believe that everyone can live financially free and within their means if they just set a plan and stick to it!
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Working Myself Out of a Job

The other day I was sitting with a friend and he made a comment that has stuck with me ever since. We were talking about Chi Alpha at UVA and all the technology and what not that it took for the Unplugged Room to happen the other night and he said something to the extent of without you and the fair one we would have been up a creek without a paddle.

What should someone’s reaction be in that moment?
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How I’m Trying Not to Let Email Run My Life

All too often, email runs my life. Like way too often. I work in an email driven industry. I have email on all my devices. If I fall behind on email one day, or one weekend, it’s over. Or at least it feels like it’s over. So, here are some things that I’ve been trying to put into place to not let email run my life.

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Four Digit Rule

School is back in session here at UVA. This means things got a little busy with the occasional late night followed by an early morning. This led me to break the four digit rule for the first time in a very very long time. So, what is the four digit rule and how did I break it?

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Thank You Card Etiquette

Ok, I can’t take it anymore. I have to get clarity on some thank you card etiquette. I must have clarity. I asked my wife and she disagreed with my thoughts. Thus, to the blog we go. What say you, Internet world? What is right and what is wrong?
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Support 4 – Common Misconceptions

This is the fourth post in a series on support raising. You can check out the start of the series here.

I wanted to get some common misconceptions out there for all the support raisers as they prepare to raise their budgets. These are things that either I felt or people I have coached felt.

1. The people that make the most money don’t always give the most. That’s just how it is. Sometimes people who make less give more, sometimes not. Don’t just prioritize your list based on yearly household income.

2. You don’t have to apologize. Actually, you shouldn’t apologize. It’s off putting to say sorry for trying to make a living and do what God has called you to do. Be confident.

3. It’s your money when you get it. It’s no longer their money. They can’t tell you what to do with it. You can give it to missions, you can go out to eat, you can buy golf clubs if you want. It’s your money. You have to be a steward of it just like they do.

4. People are not always trying to give you the runaround. Sometimes it takes me a while to answer other emails. Sometimes I forget to call people back. Sometimes I go on vacation. They are not always giving you the runaround. Don’t be afraid to follow up.

5. This will not be as easy as it is in your mind. What a season of dependence support raising is! I only somewhat wish it was an easy season, it’s good to know that God is the one that is pulling you through!

Do you have any that you would add? What have you thought of the series?

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Support 3- How to Tell Someone You’re Done Supporting Them

Today we continue our series on support raising. You can see the start of the series here.

The topic for this post is how to tell someone that you aren’t going to support them anymore.

Here’s the deal. We are missionaries, yes. This doesn’t mean that we don’t understand that sometimes life happens. You want to go back to school, you lose your job, your kids do something stupid to put you in financial hardship. Life. Just. Happens. We understand. We’re ok with it, we just prefer to be kept in the loop.

Over the years I’ve had countless people leave my team for who knows how many reasons. Sometimes a credit card expires, sometimes it’s one of the reasons listed above; the only way for me to know is for the supporter to tell me. When this happens, all is right in the world.

For example, in the past couple of weeks I have gotten a phone call and an email from two different supporters. In the communication they said they have loved supporting us, life change was happening and either their faith promise had to stop or had to only be a portion of what it had been. Even better, they said the change will be happening in August and wanted to give us enough time to adjust.

How beautiful is that?

I now have time over the summer to prepare for the drop in support. I spend time every summer raising money so this is really the best time for them to inform me of a change. Even though I’m losing some money each month, I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. I am stoked for both of the life changes that are happening in their lives.

The commonalities in their approach:

1. They communicated it. I’m trained to follow up with people who don’t give after they make a faith promise. I don’t always do it, but I’m trained to.

2. They let me know when they knew. I’m not saying a specific timeline (3 months out or 6 weeks out). I just mean, when they knew it was going to change they let me know. The more lead time the better, but it can’t always be a couple of months.

3. They will stay on our newsletter list and continue to pray for us. I fully believe that. They were behind us, on our team, and had to make adjustments because of their life circumstance not because of something Katie and I had done wrong.

Is there anything you would add to the list of how to tell someone you’re done supporting them?

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iPad 2 Cases

As you may know, I have an ipad2. One of the harder things of owning an ipad2 was picking out a case. As a matter of fact, I carried it in the box for a while before I was able to pull the trigger on a case.

I went with the dodocase. A dodocase is built to keep your case from going extinct and that’s exactly what I wanted. And that it did. I took the case to Miami with me and it served me very well. Sadly, the edges broke on the case. I was glad the case protected my iPad! It definitely served its purpose. So I contacted customer service and they said they would send me a replacement case. Great customer service. Great case.

However, while I waited for my replacement case, I was carrying the iPad around nekkid. And I liked it. I liked it a lot. It was lightweight, sleek, portable and a lot of other things. The dodocase didn’t offer me this. What was I to do? I picked up a smartcover. I love it. It keeps my iPad covered and does all the things I want it to do. It even let’s me use the iPad in the vertical position which the dodocase didn’t help as much.

The smartcover doesn’t protect the iPad very much. Really hardly at all. I can’t just throw it in my bag like I could with the dodocase. I’ve decided to just go from here on out just carrying the iPad out of my bag.

The dodocase was really only able to be use horizontally. It felt awkward vertically.

The smart cover does sit up nicely with the triangle thing. So did the dodocase,

I got a lot of comments about my case with the dodocase, I don’t get any with my smartcover.

The dodocase prevented me from taking pictures with the iPad. My iPhone takes pictures just fine and photo stream take care of the rest.

If you want protection and the wow factor go with the dodcase. If you want to keep the sleekness of the iPad go with the smart cover.

All that to say I’ve got a dodocase for sale. Anybody interested?

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