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Bad Zipper Jeans

Well, today I am wearing those jeans. The pair of jeans that every guy has. I’m not sure if every girl has a pair or not, but I do know that every guy has a pair of these jeans. I have to think ahead of time about these jeans so not to wear them at the inopportune time. That could be really embarrassing. So, what type of jeans are these?


No, these aren’t my jeans. I don’t wear size 6 shoes like this guy.

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The Perfect Storm

It seems like the perfect storm has moved on now in Charlottesville (and no I’m not talking about Midnight Madness).  Everyone has called this thing the perfect storm, and that’s what it has been in Charlottesville.

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Four Digit Rule

School is back in session here at UVA. This means things got a little busy with the occasional late night followed by an early morning. This led me to break the four digit rule for the first time in a very very long time. So, what is the four digit rule and how did I break it?

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How To Make The Sick Go Away

Well, the Moran family has been passing a sickness around the house this past week.

Katie and Emma had it first and Levi and I got it second. I feel like I’m on the upswing right now and plan on being ready for work tomorrow.

How am I going to be ready for work tomorrow? Well, I think I have convinced my wife to bring me this home from her grocery trip this afternoon.

Yup, that’s right. It’s a bacon sundae. And it can’t get any better than that.


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Thank You Card Etiquette

Ok, I can’t take it anymore. I have to get clarity on some thank you card etiquette. I must have clarity. I asked my wife and she disagreed with my thoughts. Thus, to the blog we go. What say you, Internet world? What is right and what is wrong?
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Same Day Delivery

Well, I just finished reading an article that said that Amazon is putting money behind the idea of same day delivery and they’re building two distribution centers in Virginia! This is crucial and may help me get to my eventual goal of never going to a store.

I’ve been wondering what has been up at Amazon lately. I’m a prime member and have been getting most of my items a day before they were supposed to arrive. I say a day before because I often take the promotional mp3 credit and just do standard shipping because I’m in no rush. I shop online because it’s cheaper and easier not because I’m necessarily in a rush.

I hate shopping. I really do. I don’t like crowds of people and generally don’t enjoy the retail experience. I have other things that I’d rather do.

I do hate what this may do to small business. I do. But, I don’t hate it enough not to take full advantage of same day shipping.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am part of the Amazon Associates program. So, if you click through on one of my Amazon links I get a small advertising fee. This isn’t influencing my love of Amazon, it’s more of a byproduct.

So, is this the end of small business? Probably not yet.

What say you? Are you excited about this? Going to upgrade to prime? Stop shopping online at all?


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Wanna see a transformation? Here is me over the last couple of days.

One: life has been a little crazy and I wanted to let the baby boy meet me with some facial hair.


Two: this was more for fun than anything.


Three: this one obviously my favorite. I got the chance to go to the Walmart with this one. Me, my mesh shorts, camo crocs and old softball tee shirt went to the Walmart. Upon seeing it, my brother said he wouldnt let me near my own kids let alone other people. Plus, where I come from, dads have mustaches…


Four: the final product.


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Is Underwear the New Socks?

Well, I either have the greatest mystery on my hands or one of you is playing a prank on me. If you are, well played, very well played.

So, here’s the problem. I can’t find my underwear.

No, really.

I have no idea where they are. I have a couple of pairs but thats it. I used to have enough underwear to make it a semester without doing laundry. Now, there’s none left. I looked everywhere. Then I broke down and told Katie. It’s a little embarrassing telling your wife you can’t find your underwear. But, I did it.

She helped me look and we still couldn’t find any.

Luckily we do enough laundry in this house that it’s not too big of a deal. But, it is a bit concerning.

So, if you stole my underwear, well done. It’s time to bring them back.

If you didn’t, I have no idea what happened to them..,

Is underwear the new socks?

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Hospital Toilets

As you probably know, we are at the new Martha Jefferson hospital right now. Our son Bubba Levi was born Tuesday night. As you could have guessed this means I have used the bathroom here a lot. Since it’s a new hospital, that means new toilets. #winning

There is something different about these toilets though. They come with a sign. And a way to conserve water. You push up to use 30 percent less water. You push down to use a complete “traditional” flush.

The sign says flush up for liquids and flush down for solids. A polite way of distinguishing between #1 and #2. Nice idea, I like it. However, I vote we go one step further to the age old saying,

“If it’s brown flush it down, if it’s yellow let it mellow.”

I’m committed to saving the environment, are you?

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Bracket Madness

You may or may not know that I won most of the brackets I entered this year.  My picks were pretty on point.  You can see one of the winning brackets here.  I finished in the overall place of 9772, which is the 99.8 percentile, and I ran the East Bracket, which is always one of my goals.

Alas, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is inspired by Johnny Carpenter or @jonayonthespot or Gideonitis.

I hate what picking a bracket or any fantasy sport does to me. It’s utter madness.  Last night, while watching the championship game I rooted for Kentucky. I hate Calipari. I think he stands for most of what’s wrong with College Basketball (he’s not the only one, he’s probably just the best at it). But, I rooted for Kentucky. I pulled for the favorite. Why? Because I picked them, and I’d get some sweet shirts out of the deal. Thanks Robert Redd.

I don’t just do this in College Basketball. I do this in Football, Nascar (yes, I play fantasy nascar), golf (yes, I play fantasy golf), and any other sport I pick fantasy teams in.

I hate it.

I also can’t stop it. Fantasy sports have changed the nature of watching the game and I’ve found myself along for the ride.

I wish I could finish this post with I don’t want to be along for the ride, but I will enjoy those shirts when they get here!


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