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Some Thoughts from Titus 

  I read Titus this morning. A few things that stood out. 

1. I love how Paul calls Titus a true son in the faith. What a great reminder of the family of God and what our goal as disciple makers should be. To build the family and cultivate true disciples.

2. Stop fighting over meaningless controversies. Man, I could have used this as a Core Group leader…lol. Too many times I got caught in what I believed to be an academic exercise when it was just meaningless dribble. I wasn’t trying  to understand anything better, I was just trying to sound smart or be part of a certain crowd. Meaningless. 

3. Yes, Jesus coming back is our blessed hope, a truth I should long for more often than I do. 

Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus. 


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My devotional routine

I thought I’d take a little time to share my devotional routine. In this post, I’ll share how I read and what I read. Maybe it will be of some help, maybe you’ll offer some help to me.
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Summer Devotional Strategy

Typically, the summer months are months where I can try new things with my devotional life. It’s oftentimes a season where I try and pray through the Psalms or do a manuscript study. However, this summer I’m not doing either of those.
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